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Australia's Anti-Rights Stance

Australia's lack of a Bill of Rights encourages injustice:

Australia has no Bill of Rights protecting it's people (or tourists) from abuse by their legal system.

There is no right to a lawyer in criminal cases, as there is under the US Constitution.

There is no right to Due Process.

If a person is accused of a serious crime they will have to pay for legal counsel themselves or face hearings and trial alone without counsel or any legal knowledge, as I was forced to do.

Under that circumstance, the United States should not automatically accept at face value that a conviction in an Australian court was based on adequate due process and trial prodecures. On the contrary.

Every US citizen convicted in Australia must have a right to test the conditions and circumstance of the proceedings leading to a conviction once they are deported back to the United States.

The US Constitution ensures that all citizens are afforded due process, right to counsel, right to witnesses and evidence, and a fair trial before rights and liberties are without.

Presently, the US wholly accepts without question any conviction against a US citizen that occurred in an Australia court. This should not happen.

The US should never accept convictions of US citizens from any country that does not recognize basic rights for its people. The US would not accept convictions from North Korea, or China or Russia. It should not accept convictions from Australia until Australia had put in place an adequate constitutionally embedded Bill of Rights.


Carman Lawrence


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